Career Hub for International Students  in the UK.

International students can use ISCANET to build a career in the UK by applying to jobs offered by licensed companies, receiving career support, and joining a large international community.

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I cannot do everything, but I can do something. I must not fail to do the something that I can do.

Helen Keller

On a mission to EMPOWER International Students…

Create equal opportunities by simplifying and fostering sustainable recruitment, backed by innovative approaches, and managed by a culture of care and progressive values.

Through bespoke support, education, empowerment, and influencing policies, we aim to be the world's one-stop-shop Career Hub for international students seeking a professional career abroad.

With unlimited career support and networking,you won't feel isolated anymore.

Become part of the fastest-growing community of international students and do not miss out

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Our Services

What we have to offer

Careers for international students are our priority, and we care about inclusive companies

Sponsored and part time jobs

Career and CV support

Visa Consultation and Support

Events and Training

Bespoke recruitment services

Screen and Selection

Career Consultation

Full Recruitment services

Mentorship and Networking opportunities

Our social impact

Our goal is to remove the barriers international students face when looking for employment

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Intl Students & BAME

To provide International students and BAME with the Learning, Development and Career opportunities necessary to succeed here.

Champion inclusion

Enhance Inclusion and Diversity by providing equal opportunities.

Decent jobs

Help reduce poverty by making it easier for people to find decent jobs and career paths in the UK.

Our Supporters and Partners

It has been extremely rewarding for us to enjoy support and partnerships with different organisations.